7 Best Money-Making Apps to Make Money From Your Phone

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In today’s digital age, there are endless opportunities to fare soldi online. With the advent of smartphones, making money has become easier than ever before. Money-making apps are one such way to earn some extra cash right from your phone. These apps not only help you make some extra money, but they are also easy to use and require minimal effort.

However, with so many money making apps available on the market, it can be challenging to determine which ones are worth your time and effort. In this article, we will introduce you to the seven best money-making apps that are both legitimate and easy to use.

So, if you’re ready to start making money from your phone, grab your device, and let’s dive into the world of money-making apps. With these 7 apps in your arsenal, you’ll be on your way to earning some extra cash in no time.

What are the best money-making apps?

These are 7 money-making apps that you can use to make money online literally this year, this month, and even as soon as today just using your smartphone.

Best Money-Making Apps to Make Money From Your Phone

1. Swagbucks.

Swagbucks è un operatore di programmi di ricompensa e fedeltà. Ad oggi, ha pagato ai suoi membri oltre $373 million and gives out 7,000 gift cards every single day. It’s available on a desktop, as a browser extension, and as a mobile app, providing multiple avenues for you to earn “SB points” wherever you are.

While at first, it may seem like your typical survey site, it is the largest rewards program on the Internet today. It’s also one of the most reliable, currently with an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and over 13 years of operation.

Swagbucks è ottimo per guadagnare denaro extra. Si possono fare molte cose per guadagnare, dai sondaggi all'uso del motore di ricerca per cercare sul web.

Primo, registrarsi per un account Swagbucks GRATUITO.

Once you’re a member you earn rewards points (SB). The points can then be cashed in for gift cards, PayPal credit, or other rewards. Swagbucks has a large selection of gift cards, and it’s easy to rack up points due to the variety of ways to earn. See our Recensione di Swagbucks per saperne di più.

2. Ibotta.

How it works: Ibotta lets you earn cashback on in-store and online purchases at over 1,500 brands and retail chains. Originally for groceries, it has expanded to include clothing, entertainment, pet supplies, and other categories. Offers can be product or retailer-specific — and some will automatically be applied. For others, you’ll need to complete an additional task such as watching a video or taking a poll.

There are three possible ways to earn cash back in stores: Add offers and submit your receipt in the app after your shopping trip, link your retailer loyalty accounts or purchase a retailer gift card through the Ibotta app. For online purchases, you shop through the app or website.

You can download the app here!

3. Task Rabbit.

TaskRabbit.is an app that I have myself used.

With TaskRabbit, you actually hire people on TaskRabbit to help you move your furniture, fix things around the house or to help you do any number of tasks out there that you just personally either can’t do yourself or don’t want to do yourself and this is really cool because you don’t need any pre-existing skills, you can sign entirely from your phone and you can actually earn a pretty close to if not a full-time income just using TaskRabbit especially if you live in a larger city.

You can make up to $50 per hour literally cleaning, moving boxes, or furniture, I mean you can make that amount of money just helping people with tasks they don’t wanna do themselves.

4. Google Opinion Rewards.

The cool thing about  Google Opinion Rewards it’s from Google, so you know that it’s 100% legit and you know exactly what you are gonna get out of it before you actually go in. 

Google Opinion Rewards has over 1.7 million reviews with over a 4-star rating (at the time of writing this blog post) so you know that other people are taking advantage of this app and they are making money doing it.

Essentially how Google Opinion Rewards works is Google will pay you to answer basic surveys that companies pay them to actually get their users to answer for them. Just like how Swagbucks works.

5. Dosh.

Now Dosh has been growing like crazy recently and the reason it’s because it works and people love it.

Essentially Dosh is a cashback app, you actually link your debit or credit card and you get paid cash back that you wouldn’t otherwise get for purchases that you already making anyway.

You can earn up to 10% cash back per purchase from stores that you are probably already going to and already probably shopping at anyways. And these include popular retailers like Amazon, Sephora, Sam’s Club, Pizza Hut, and so many more.

They also have a very very enticing affiliate program, so the more people that you actually get to sign up for Dosh under your affiliate link the more money you make. You can actually make up to $5 per referral of a new member that signs up to Dosh.

By the way, if you don’t know what affiliate marketing really is, I have created a free step-by-step tutorial that can help you understand and start an affiliate marketing business today! 

6. OfferUp

The OfferUp app offers a way for people to buy and sell items from each other without the need for cash or credit cards. The app allows users to search for items within their local area or across the country, post pictures of the item they want to sell, set a price, and then wait for buyers to respond with bids or offers.

Once an offer has been accepted, the buyer pays the seller through an OfferUp-provided payment method like PayPal or Venmo. It’s not just payment for the item itself, but also a commission that goes to both parties.

For example, if Sara offers to sell her iPhone 5S for $160, and she receives an offer that includes a $100 cash offer, she will receive $80 as payment and the buyer will pay an additional 20%.

In other words, Sara would get $100 and the buyer would pay $120. If Sara offers to sell her iPhone 5S for $160, and she receives an offer that includes a $100 cash offer, she will receive $80 as payment and the buyer will pay an additional 20%.In other words, Sara would get $100 and the buyer would pay $120.

7. Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform where you can make money by doing small tasks and jobs. You can do anything from taking surveys, and writing blog posts, to making a video.

One of the most popular services on Fiverr is voice-over acting. If you want to try it out, all you need to do is sign up for an account and post your offer for voice-over acting on the Fiverr website. You will be able to choose how much you charge per minute of voice acting and what type of audio files you are willing to work with; then start working!

You can also find other people who are looking for someone with your skills and offer them your help. Other popular services include subtitling, editing, transcription, logo design, logo animation, and more!


Making money from your phone has never been easier thanks to the wide variety of money-making apps available today. Whether you’re looking to earn some extra cash on the side or you want to turn your phone into a full-time money-making machine, there’s an app out there for you.

In this article, we’ve explored the 7 best money-making apps that you can use to start earning money right from your phone. From survey apps to cashback apps and everything in between, we’ve provided you with all the information you need to get started.

It’s important to remember that while these apps can provide a great way to earn some extra cash, they’re not a substitute for hard work and dedication. To truly succeed with these apps, you’ll need to put in the effort and treat them like a real job.

So, whether you’re looking to earn a little extra cash or you’re ready to turn your phone into a money-making machine, give these apps a try and see what works best for you. With a little effort and dedication, you’ll be well on your way to earning some extra cash right from your phone.

Feel free to tell us in the comment section below, Have you ever tried one of these apps before, If so which one of them and how was your experience with it?

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