7 Easy Ways to Write Product Descriptions That Sell Fast

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In today’s digital age, e-commerce has become an integral part of our daily lives. From shopping for clothes to buying groceries, consumers are increasingly turning to online marketplaces to make purchases. As a result, the competition among online sellers has intensified, and it has become crucial to differentiate yourself from the crowd. One way to stand out is by writing product descriptions that sell fast.

Product descriptions are the first point of contact between your product and potential customers. They play a critical role in convincing customers to make a purchase.

In this article, we’ll discuss 7 easy ways to write product descriptions that sell fast. By following these tips, you can create compelling product descriptions that help you stand out from the competition and drive sales.

How to Write Product Descriptions?

1. Add Personality to Increase Sales.

Consumers expect more from retailers than just an online storefront these days. And the best way to stand out is with a brand voice that attracts customers and boosts sales.

Customers are 71% more likely to buy if you use an informal tone in your descriptions. They’re also 85% more likely to stick around for future purchases if you use a conversational tone. So the next time you describe one of your products, drop the technical jargon and be friendly instead.

2. Be Honest About Your Products’ Limitations.

Don’t beat around the bush – being honest about what your product cannot do will boost both credibility and sales. For example, let’s take a look at this description for Armitron watches:

Armitron is known as “America’s Watch” because they have been making quality watches since 1947- That’s 66 years of creating sports watches built to stand up to whatever you throw at them.

The fact that the brand has been around for 66 years gives credibility to its products, especially when it comes time to make a purchase. More importantly, though is the claim that Armitron sports watches are “built to stand up to whatever you throw at them.” That’s a compelling statement made even better by being honest about not being able to keep working if they’re bent or broken beyond repair.

How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell Fast

3. Make Your Descriptions Benefit-Oriented.

Customers want more than just well-made products – they also buy based on what buying your product can do for them. So make sure your descriptions speak directly to the benefits of choosing your brand over all others. For example, let’s take a look at this description for Coleman camping equipment:

Every product in the Coleman brand family is engineered to meet your needs- no matter what you’re looking for. Whether it’s our large selection of high-quality tents, durable air mattresses, or thermos flasks that keep drinks hot longer, we’ve got you covered.

One of the ways Coleman distinguishes itself is by promising to meet its customer’s needs no matter what those needs might be – another advantage that consumers can’t easily copy.

4. Use Real-Time Language.

People want to shop for clothing and other products in sales, so give them the incentive to act fast with this kind of language:

Today only. While supplies last. Limited time offer. Offering something for a limited amount of time is proven to increase sales by 26%. And this technique works across all industries – whether you’re selling shoes, electronics, or even guitars.

5. Use Real-Life Situations in Your Product Descriptions.

How many times have you asked yourself, “What would I do if this happened?” when choosing a product to buy?

When writing your product descriptions, answer that question by using real-life situations in which someone might use the product. Then talk about how it affects them positively – and benefits your company at the same time. This description for AEG washing machines does exactly that:

High-tech electronics and water-saving washing programs make our appliances smart. But it’s the comfort they bring to your life every day that makes them truly special. It’s like having a personal assistant for your laundry, down to sensing the size of the load, automatically filling it with just the right amount of water, and never letting you forget when the wash is done.

It’s easy to picture having a personal assistant for your laundry, and with such positive language, it’s no wonder why this brand has been trusted in Europe since 1897.

6. Highlight Uniqueness in Your Descriptions.

Let’s face it: we live in a world of readily available information where everyone can copy your products and steal your profits. So what can you do about it?

One thing you can do is highlight the things that make your product so unique. This description for Nikon cameras does a great job:

The Nikon D5100 has a 16.2-megapixel sensor, a Guide Mode so photographers of all levels can learn more about their cameras and photography, a 3.0-inch LCD with 230,000 dots for clear viewing even when outdoors, 720p HD movie recording, and more.

Nikon doesn’t just tell you that the camera has 16 megapixels or that it has a 3-inch screen – they explain why each feature is important. They also make the product approachable by including a “Guide Mode” so that even novice photographers can learn more.

7. Use a Personal Tone in Your Descriptions.

Finally, it’s important to use language that makes you sound like a real person and not just your company’s robot spokesperson. For example, this description for Club Monaco does a really nice job:

We love a classic piece with a modern twist, and our wool coat is the perfect example. In a crisp dark gray hue, it’s cut with a chic wide collar, deep front pockets, and finished with slim lapels. Layer it over everything from your favorite jeans to your go-to sheath dress and you’re ready for anything.

This description uses a personal, friendly tone that makes it seem like the person writing it really cares about the product. This makes the brand more approachable and gives customers a greater sense of trust – resulting in higher sales.


Writing effective product descriptions is essential for the success of your online business. By highlighting the benefits, using descriptive language, providing specific details, and catering to your target audience, you can create compelling product descriptions that sell fast. These are just a few of the techniques you can use to improve your product descriptions.

As a seller, you should always focus on getting customers to buy your products first and foremost. However, by applying the strategies discussed in this article, you may find that your product descriptions have a positive effect on your sales.

Take the time to write product descriptions that resonate with your target audience, and you’ll be on your way to driving more conversions and growing your business.

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